Mercedes-Benz ML320 2000 ml 320 abs,bas/esp and ets lights

August 8, 2011


2000 ml 320 abs,bas/esp and ets lights are on have replaced bad brake light switch.Still have code c1401 high pressure/return pump relay.Have already tried bas control module.


eurotec :

Hi, for a C1401 I’d have suspect either a bad abs pump or a bad abs pump relay. Have you tested the pump to see if it even works?

eurotec :

If you have not replaced the relay or tested the pump I would start there. I assume that you have closely inspected the connector to the abs hydraulic unit for corrosion. It’s a common problem for water to leak out of the windshield washer bottle and corrode the connector or damage the unit. I’d also inspect the ground connection for the abs pump behind the left headlamp.

eurotec :

Let me know if you have any questions.

eurotec :

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have cked ground and connectors,will verify pump thanks

eurotec :

You’re welcome

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